Car Body Repairs


If you are in the unfortunate position of having been involved in a car crash, then look no further. We will be pleased to assist you every step of the way in ensuring that your car is repaired quickly, efficiently and to the exacting standards that you would expect from a reputable garage. Whether you are claiming against your insurance or paying yourself, we will advise you every step of the way.


If you are claiming against your insurance, your insurance company may not tell you all the facts. It is your right to choose the repairing garage of your choice and you only have to obtain one estimate for the repair to your vehicle!! Not many people know this and get confused when their insurance company try to steer them towards their preferred repairer, who may well be out of the area. If you believe that Gleam Clean is the best garage to handle your claim then insist that we give you an estimate and allow us to manage your entire claim from start to finish, at no cost to yourself! Call us on 01903 206874 for further information.

We offer a 24 hour recovery service, free estimates and advice and free vehicle collection and delivery service.


From touching up the smallest of scratches on your bumper to the most skilled of full re-sprays, you can trust Gleam Clean to treat each job with the utmost care and professionalism. We have a specialist mixing scheme to guarantee an exact colour match. We are proud to claim that our aqua-based paint system is more eco-friendly than other paint systems which can contain harmful isocyanates. Our two self-contained low bake oven spray booths ensure that we can offer the best paint finish possible. Our ovens can accommodate all vehicles including Commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tons.

We also offer a full alloy wheel refurbishment service without the need to send your wheels to a third party.


Most people aren’t aware that many small dents caused by doors opening onto your vehicle or hail stones can be removed using specialist techniques without the need for repainting saving you considerable time and money. Please call in for a free quote.


Despite the name, Gleam Clean doesn’t just clean cars! Far from it! The company has grown a reputation for offering superb and very competitive car body repairs; from the tiniest chip mark to more serious crash repairs. In fact, Gleam Clean can offer a specialist paint service for almost anything you could ever want painted – from furniture to accessories, aeroplanes to office equipment. Whatever your requirement, we will be delighted to offer you a free estimate and discuss your wishes thoroughly.

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